UN grapples with itself over artificial intelligence and equality

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The United Nations has unanimously approved its first resolution on artificial intelligence, with all member states agreeing to make sure the technology respects human rights. The UN also hopes that AI will help it achieve its development goals for 2030, which are well behind schedule.

One of these goals is for gender equality worldwide.

However, a study released just two weeks ago by the UN’s own cultural agency UNESCO cited “alarming evidence of regressive gender stereotypes” in generative artificial intelligence, the version of the technology used to generate text, images, video and on-demand audio, which has exploded in popularity.

UNESCO’s Director-General Audrey Azoulay was quoted as saying: “These new AI applications have the power to subtly shape the perceptions of millions of people, so even small gender biases in their content can significantly amplify inequalities in the real world.”

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