Spanish government to ‘oversee’ scandal-hit football federation

The Spanish government on Thursday announced it will “oversee” the country’s scandal-hit football federation (RFEF) to deal with its current crisis.

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“The Spanish government adopted this decision to redress the serious situation of the RFEF so that the organisation could enter a stage of renewal in a stable climate,” the National Sports Council (CSD), an agency dependent on the Ministry of Sports, announced.

The CSD said it will create a “commission of supervision, standardisation and representation” led by “independent personalities” which will “oversee the RFEF during the coming months (in) the interest of Spain”, which is bidding to host the 2030 World Cup jointly with Portugal and Morocco.

Former RFEF president Luis Rubiales resigned in disgrace last September after his forcible kiss on the lips of Women’s World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso and is now being investigated in a corruption probe.

The only candidate to replace Rubiales, Pedro Rocha, is also being investigated, while a report from the country’s leading sports court (TAD) said the RFEF had taken decisions “beyond its remit”.

It was this TAD report that led to Thursday’s decision.

Elections for the RFEF presidency are currently scheduled for May 6.


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