Seeds of discontent: Why European farmers are taking their anger to the streets

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Tractors are lined up during a blockade by farmers on the A4 highway to protest over price pressures, taxes and green regulation, grievances that are shared by farmers across Europe, in Jossigny, near
Tractors are lined up during a blockade by farmers on the A4 highway east of Paris on January 31, 2024. © Stéphanie Lecocq, Reuters

From Paris to Berlin, from Warsaw to Brussels, this week farmers stepped up their protests against the European Green Deal and hikes in diesel taxes, all against a backdrop of inflation, climate change and competition from Ukrainian imports. Tractors have been blocking highways and sending a message to governments as well as the public: “the people who feed you are having trouble feeding themselves”. We speak to a cereal grower about the agricultural sector’s challenges and the reasons behind the protests. 

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