Sateliot signs Exolaunch deal for satellite launch and deployment services

Marking the first collaboration between the two companies, and maintaining the momentum that the low Earth orbit (LEO) 5G narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT) satellite constellation operator has gained over the past two years, Sateliot has announced a launch and deployment services agreement with Exolaunch, a provider of launch mission management, integration and satellite deployment services.

Based in Barcelona and San Diego, Sateliot is building a constellation of 250 unique satellites enabling 5G NB-IoT connectivity from space, offering connectivity services globally allowing unmodified commercial cellular NB-IoT non-terrestrial network (NTN) devices to connect from space.

The company claims to be a “pioneering” LEO satellite connectivity provider operating in the 3GPP Standard framework, a benchmark set by tech giants including Apple, Sony and Samsung, among others. Using technology based on the standard, Sateliot aims to facilitate connectivity for all current NB-IoT devices via satellite through its constellation.

Sateliot claims this “breakthrough” allows it to offer services at comparable costs to those of terrestrial cellular networks and take a significant stride towards widespread adoption of IoT in previously inaccessible regions.

Under the terms of the new agreement, Sateliot is set to deploy four additional satellites to join its growing 5G IoT constellation, using Exolaunch’s services and hardware. Sateliot’s four 6U satellites – Sateliot_1, Sateliot_2, Sateliot_3 and Sateliot_4 – will be deployed via Exolaunch on the Transporter-11 Rideshare mission with SpaceX, which is slated to launch in mid-2024.

Sateliot believes it can gain particular benefit from Exolaunch’s mission management services and integration support, and will use Exolaunch’s flight-proven containerised satellite separation system, the EXOpod Nova, for the deployment of its satellites.

“Partnering with Exolaunch marks a significant milestone for Sateliot as we continue our mission to revolutionise 5G IoT connectivity from space,” said Sateliot CEO Jaume Sanpera. “With Exolaunch’s expertise and industry-leading services, we are confident in the successful launch and deployment of our next four satellites, further advancing our vision of ubiquitous IoT connectivity.”

Exolaunch boasts a decade of flight heritage and over 390 satellites launched across 26 missions to date. It offers tailored turnkey services designed to meet customer needs and respond to market trends. The company develops and manufactures its own small satellite separation systems and fulfils launch contracts for industry leaders, innovative startups, research institutions, government organisations and international space agencies.

“We are delighted to welcome Sateliot as our newest customer and partner,” said Exolaunch mission manager Pablo Lobo. “This agreement highlights Exolaunch’s dedication to facilitating the growth and success of innovative European companies like Sateliot.

“Exolaunch is proud to provide our industry-leading services and technology to support Sateliot’s vision of advancing 5G IoT connectivity from space,” he continued. “With the launch campaign underway, our team’s excitement for this mission is palpable, and we look forward to a smooth and successful deployment of these satellites later this year.”

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