Passalacqua hotel claims exceptional guest connectivity with AI-driven Wi-Fi 7

Italy’s prestigious Passalacqua hotel is to become one of the world’s first early adopters of Wi-Fi 7, with the installation of CommScope’s Ruckus Networks technology.

Built on land originally owned by Pope Innocent XI on the shores of Lake Como, Passalacqua was constructed in the 18th century by Count Andrea Lucini-Passalacqua, who worked with architect Felice Soave and designer Giocondo Albertolli to build one of the largest villas on Lake Como. In the years that followed, it became a gathering place for some of Italy’s most prominent figures.

Passalacqua opened its doors as a hotel in June 2022, with 24 suites spread across three buildings – each with their own distinctive character and charm.

The terraced gardens that overlook Lake Como feature private hideaways and more than 15 water fountains. Passalacqua was last year named the world’s best hotel in the inaugural rankings of The World’s 50 Best Hotels.

The use of the Ruckus R770 access points is said to give the hotel connectivity speeds, low latency, increased reliability and increased capacity to deliver the digital experience commensurate with the hotel’s service levels.

The platform is driven by Ruckus AI, a cloud service for network assurance and business intelligence that enhances Wi-Fi 7 network resilience. Ruckus AI simplifies network management by presenting key information to operators, improving network visibility, speeding up problem solving, meeting service-level agreements and providing a seamless user experience.

The upgrade to Wi-Fi 7 is designed to allow guests to stream high-definition content, conduct video calls, play online games and use multiple devices simultaneously without any lag or disruptions. The increase in capacity and efficiency will allow hotel staff to deploy new smart services, all without experiencing network congestion.

The hotel wishes to take advantage of Wi-Fi 7’s advanced security features, including encryption protocols, and offer guests and staff a more secure environment for data, whether it’s financial transactions or personal details.

“We are proud to work with a high-tech industry leader such as Ruckus Networks to deliver the best available connectivity solution to our guests,” said Andrea Caniggia, chief operating officer at Meta Spa Group. “Passalacqua aims to provide exceptional service and amenities to our worldwide guests. In this regard, an excellent Wi-Fi connectivity certainly completes such a variety of services and experiences.” 

Bart Giordano, senior vice-president and president of networking, intelligent cellular and security solutions at CommScope, said: “In a luxury hotel, guests expect a premium experience, which is what Wi-Fi 7 gives to Passalacqua guests.

“Deploying Ruckus Networks’ Wi-Fi 7 technology is a great example of how our expertise in network infrastructure adds huge value to top-class hospitality establishments. Wi-Fi 7’s advanced features, together with Ruckus AI, opens up dedicated and secure networks where exclusivity and privacy are highly valued.”

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