Apple Vision Pro’s first week: Impressions, predictions, morons

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After a week in the wild, the consensus is in: Apple’s new “spacial computing” headset, the Vision Pro, is impressive, expensive, and ludicrous to wear in public.

The Vision Pro is another first-generation product from the company behind the Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, so the industry is watching to see whether Apple will do it again, and transform augmented reality into a technology desired by the masses.

The headset has been out for one week in the United States, and there has been no shortage of viral videos – staged or not – documenting novel locations in which to use it: a restaurant, a subway, a pool, even a self-driving car.

The device is region-locked to the United States, so few people in France have got their hands on it. Numerama journalist Nicolas Lellouche went to New York to fetch one; we get his impressions on today’s Tech 24.

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