Amdocs simplifies eSIM activation with Google Cloud

As the momentum for embedded subscriber identity module (eSIM) technology grows, communication and media experiences software company Amdocs has announced a collaboration with Google Cloud, integrating its eSIM Cloud platform with Google Cloud’s Telecom Subscriber Insights offering to improve the eSIM experience for customers, minimising customer service calls, visits to retail stores and the need for physical SIM cards.

By integrating their respective technologies, the companies believe users can now activate their eSIM-based devices more easily, offering a superior customer experience to the fast-growing eSIM technology. This will be based on offering an end-to-end eSIM onboarding service to communications service providers (CSPs), representing a significant step forward in the evolution of eSIM adoption.

Amdocs believes moving to eSIM is a strategic enabler to providing differentiated digital experiences, and that service providers need to move fast. It added that there are a number of jobs to be done to capture the opportunity, including integration, orchestration, adjustment of business processes, ongoing development, onboarding new device manufacturers and upgrading CSR capabilities.

Amdocs’ eSIM Cloud platform, rated as a leading eSIM orchestration platform by Counterpoint Research, will be combined with Google Cloud’s Telecom Subscriber Insights to provide what is described as a “seamless and simplified” experience for customers.

The collaboration will also enable CSPs to offer eSIM services to their customers globally, taking advantage of the reach and expertise of both Amdocs’ eSIM Cloud platform and Google Cloud.

The firms say that by taking such an approach, enabled on Google Cloud and Amdocs’ eSIM Cloud platform, they can offer an improved, digital-only and swift customer experience that significantly simplifies the activation process of eSIM-equipped devices. This is also seen as helping to eliminate the need for physical SIM cards and visits to retail stores, while also reducing calls to customer support.

The combined offering will be sold and operated by Amdocs, with Google Cloud’s Telecom Subscriber Insights integrated. It will also be integrated with CSPs’ existing systems, aiming to provide a “smooth and efficient” onboarding process.

The eSIM activation process is fully automated, reducing the time and effort required for customers to get connected. With remote provisioning, Amdocs assures that customers can activate their mobile devices without visiting a physical store, and real-time monitoring ensures the process is managed effectively.

“Our work with Amdocs will help make it easier than ever for customers to activate their new cellular devices,” said Vivek Gupta, director of telco industry at Google Cloud. “This collaboration streamlines the process of switching between phones, carriers and more, with minimal interruptions to service, providing a seamless experience for consumers.”

Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of technology and head of strategy at Amdocs, said: “This collaboration with Google Cloud represents a significant step forward in the evolution of eSIM technology. By offering a seamless and secure onboarding experience, CSPs can improve customer satisfaction and accelerate the adoption of eSIM worldwide.”

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